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fern/the tub chronicles.

we’re juuuust coming to a close on a bathroom reno – we still have minor things to finish, a sink faucet to switch out, some wall art to locate – but fern doesn’t judge. and


this is Fern. I hope she never grows into her ears.

finn friday (#4)

the bad-assery continues.

finn friday (#2)

sometimes finn friday is easy. sometimes finn friday is hard.

finn friday (#1)

it’s a slow day around these parts. it’s a day off from the gym, it’s a day to edit edit and then edit some more on a beautiful wedding from november which is nearly finished, and

introducing… finn friday.

GUYS. it’s 2015 – I don’t know how that happened. but what I do know is I’m excited for it. we have a europe trip in the fall we’re slowly starting to plan, weddings and

izzy makes three.

meet the third member of our team. she’s not paid in dollars – just copious amounts of treats. and in return we receive distractions, affection, and a constant source of entertainment.