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finn friday (#5)


so, it’s more like fib friday today. because today is in fact sunday, and not friday. who knew? not me! I’m pretty sure it took me until 2pm yesterday to realize it was in fact saturday, and not thursday. WELL THEN.

why do I have the mind of an Alzheimers patient, you ask? that would be due to the flu. so this is more like flu friday. yay for the persistent ability to NOT breathe for 6 days and counting. put your hands up if you haven’t left the house since… monday? yep. monday. luckily I love the shit out of my comfy little house and am not even mildly opposed to sleeping for hours on end to get up, eat, and resume sleeping again. except the non-existent level of productivity has begun to drive me slightly crazy.

finn has done his best to help. he woke me up the other night by settling his little 10lb self tight to my face in an offering of love. except by “tight to my face” I mean “right over my mouth.” and it was so cute, this little suffocating offering of love, that I held my breath for about as long as I could (ten seconds, maybe) and let him purr away until I absolutely couldn’t any more, to which I then gently pried him off and settled him by shoulder instead. to which he said ef you, and proceeded to bite our toes until I had to lock him out of the bedroom. sorry finn.

(unless what he did was him trying to put me out of my misery. which could very well be the case. someone send me a copy of “how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” so I can figure this out.)

so heres to an extremely busy month of march and the ability to breathe again. and a cat that loves me SO MUCH – or wants new owners. I can’t tell.


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