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why, hello!

this site has been such a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier. new site, new blog… there’s nothing better. and in case you haven’t met me yet or you’ve stumbled here by chance – I’ll give you some background.

I’m based out of Corner Brook, Newfoundland but am willing dying to travel anywhere. and everywhere.

I adore weddings and shoot them with my incredibly talented partner Dru Kennedy, and you can check out more of our work together here. he also just so happens to be my boyfriend – I’m incredibly lucky.

izzy is the third member of our team. she provides distractions, cuddles, and entertainment. (she’s our cat.)

I graduated with my bachelors degree in fine arts last year and this photographic journey is only getting started. I love it.

weddings also aren’t the only thing I shoot. marketing, babies, families, engagements – you name it. I’m also guilty of photographing my food. (who doesn’t? HELLO. also, food + marketing = the best).

here’s to sharing my life, my work, and all the randomly organized chaos that comes with it!

I hope you stick around.