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twisted sunrise.


what a month this has been. aside from the regular wedding madness, we’ve let go of our wonderful basement apartment in pursuit of a house. we’ve welcomed a new fur-friend named Finn into our home, and i can feel with the season changing everything else shifting too. work – home – everything. i know we’re at a point that in a few years we’ll be able to look back and laugh over, but right now it’s a let’s only focus on today and today only before stress city falls on us again. and that’s okay. it’s making us into more patient people.

so, when Finn woke me up at a startlingly early 4:30 am the other morning we realized getting back to sleep was futile. he was ready and rearing to play and sleep wasn’t allowed. so after multiple kisses, dru and i packed our bags, grabbed mcdonalds breakfast – did i mention we’re stove-less? oh, and we JUST got internet, after being without since august 15th… yeah – and drove down the bay to the blomidons. don’t worry, we returned the favor and woke him from his sleep when we got back. take that finn.

(we still love you, don’t hate us.)

but what a sunrise. and what a welcome break! thanks for the feet in my face finn. i actually appreciated it.

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