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Family + Thoughts.


I’ve been super lucky to have grown up at a cabin.

Berry picking, swimming, water skiing, boating, skidooing, crafting, eating, nightly fires… Whatever we could get into, we did. Best of all though was spending time with an aunt who would make brownies with you at any hour, and an uncle who would torment you to kingdom come with a twinkle in his blue eyes. And now I get to head back down as an adult, spend time with them for 60th birthdays, and photograph their beautiful grandchildren (my cousins) who get the same charmed childhood and who don’t even know it yet.

All of this being said, I’d love to shoot more alternative family sessions if anyone’s interested.¬†Have a cabin nearby? A favorite family swim spot? A grandparents getaway down the bay?

Let’s make some memories where you’ll remember them.

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