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I’m SO behind on this post, but it’s only because 2015 was such a big year. this is sort of how it went. in sort of chronological order.

shot quite a bit of marketing work. shot a music video with Dru for a beautiful song by friends of ours. target closed (this was the only sad part). made small upgrades to our kitchen. got fern. shot approximately 30 weddings and countless portrait shoots. celebrated one year with finn. celebrated one year in our first home. got married to Dru. changed my name; was once Cunning, am now Kennedy. had my first helicopter ride. celebrated an extremely busy christmas + new year.

it was the best. I love aging – is that strange? I had this conversation with a friend recently, and she agreed. I feel like with each passing year, things just keep getting better.

2016 – you have large shoes to fill.


photo credit: ©David Howells 2015
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