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sometimes finn friday is easy. sometimes finn friday is hard.

today was shot after a solid run chase around, me with a spray bottle in hand trying to deter him from scaling the window screens like he’s spiderman. he makes it all the way to top and hangs there frozen, waiting for someone to yell or spray water at him. its funny and awful all at the same time.

and I’m off to a maternity shoot!

much love,



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  • January 16, 2015 - 5:51 pm

    Leanne - Finn Friday is my favourite.ReplyCancel

    • January 19, 2015 - 9:22 pm

      Candace Cunning - finn appreciates the support ; ) as do I!ReplyCancel



GUYS. it’s 2015 – I don’t know how that happened. but what I do know is I’m excited for it.

it’s starting off large. I mean, today I got a new canon 5D mark III, lulu lemon, and a couch. the most exciting being the mark III… but I hate our current couch and who doesn’t love nice comfy clothes/gym clothes.

seriously though – we have a europe trip in the fall we’re slowly starting to plan, weddings and shoots coming out of our ears, and a beautiful home and most adorable cat on the face of this earth (who has adopted the habit of sleeping on my head/neck like he’s a scarf. it’s so cute it’s stupid).

blessed & grateful am I, and here’s to the next 12 months of plans and life’s surprises.

also: welcome to a new weekly feature – finn friday! I haven’t been using my camera enough for my own purposes and I miss it – and any excuse to share some photos of this guy. duh.

much love!


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  • January 2, 2015 - 2:02 pm

    Robyn - Look at him!!! <3

    Girl, I'm so glad 2014 was the year we became friends for real. Looking forward to more chats and teaming up with you in 2015! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • January 2, 2015 - 9:00 pm

      Candace Cunning - <3 me too!! this year is going to be wonderful! and thanks for the comment you doll ; )ReplyCancel



GUYS. we have a house. a house that we put christmas lights on, and it’s ours.

I love it. it’s a total cabin too, so we have been wood-stoving it up while we work away at all of our fall weddings. a move definitely made our work season harder, but our clients have been amazing about it and so patient. and now we’re totally caught up! and NOW I’m dying to get to work on some more house things. we’ll blog some photos of it soon too! the whole thing is like our studio. it’s the bomb – creepy basement hatch and all.

also, dru and finn are in the window because I was the one elected to freeze my butt off and take the photo whilst wearing crop pants, ankle socks, a shirt and large boots (hello, I work from home).

worth it.

much love,


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this project was pretty time consuming – and I loved every minute.

when the Bay of Islands SPCA here in Corner Brook started tossing around the idea of putting out a calendar containing men of the community with rescue animals as a fundraising effort, the more I heard about it the more I thought JUST SIGN ME UP ALREADY. they have a mountain of work ahead of them to get into their new shelter in Hughes Brook. we’re talking tens of thousands. and a then few extra tens of thousands on top of that.

the men of the calendar are:

FIRST ROW: Jeremy Osmond of JODSGN with SPCA kitten Basil, Sherman Downey of Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case and rescue Pete, dog catcher Wayne Peddle and his dog Stomper
SECOND ROW: Firefighter Jon Patten and his rescue Trigger, Joshua Keough and his rescue lab Roxy, Peter Ollerhead of Brewed Awakening and rescue kitten Candy
THIRD ROW: Paramedics Matt Gallant & Lawrence McCarthy and their rescues Chase & Shelby, Mayor Charles Pender and his rescue Shadow, and Michael Tipple of the Humber Valley Veterinarian Vet Clinic
FOURTH ROW: Veteran Matthew Connolly and his rescue Islay, Constable Jody Ryan and his dog Biff, and Tom Cochrane of the Corner Brooker and SPCA rescue Roman

here‘s a feature the Western Star recently did a feature on firefighter Jon Patten for it too. so wonderful that the physical calendars haven’t even made their way into our hands yet and the support is already rolling.

if you’re interested in getting one, the calendars retail for $20 each and heres a few ways you can get in contact/pre-order until we receive them in a few weeks:

phone: 1(709)-785-2747

and if you’re local and you’d like to pop by the shelter to pay, they can take cash/credit – as well as any food/litter donations you feel like passing along as well.

I also feel pretty compelled to mention: this is not a sexist deal ; ) just a long term fundraising plan that is set to feature the women of the community in 2016!

thanks guys!

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