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I have no problem admitting that weddings always affect me. but this one was different, and i’ve never had a harder – and at the same time, easier – time holding up my camera and finding the emotion we work so hard to capture. (harder only because I was crying my face off. I think I even startled dru – multiple times.)

why? because what dru and I were capturing this time has been near and dear to me for almost ten years. HUH? I feel old.

leanne and I have been friends since junior high and she has a personality that’s one in a billion. she comes with true friendship which you never take for granted, and taylor is her perfect compliment. so that being said – meet two of the most wonderful people you could ever come across… and their beautiful, beautiful day.

for the FULL day, head over to Cunning & Kennedy. although you might cry too.



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if you aren’t familiar with the bottle cove/little port area, I recommend you hop in a car and go. like… now.

bottle cove is one of my favorite spots here in newfoundland – no questions asked. the little port head hike was new to me though, so when dru suggested we take a break for a night and head down the bay I was ready in the amount of time it takes to boil a kettle and pour some tea into a thermos.

and what a breath of fresh air it was.

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