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I have no problem admitting that weddings always affect me. but this one was different, and i’ve never had a harder – and at the same time, easier – time holding up my camera and finding the emotion we work so hard to capture. (harder only because I was crying my face off. I think I even startled dru – multiple times.)

why? because what dru and I were capturing this time has been near and dear to me for almost ten years. HUH? I feel old.

leanne and I have been friends since junior high and she has a personality that’s one in a billion. she comes with true friendship which you never take for granted, and taylor is her perfect compliment. so that being said – meet two of the most wonderful people you could ever come across… and their beautiful, beautiful day.

for the FULL day, head over to Cunning & Kennedy. although you might cry too.



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if you aren’t familiar with the bottle cove/little port area, I recommend you hop in a car and go. like… now.

bottle cove is one of my favorite spots here in newfoundland – no questions asked. the little port head hike was new to me though, so when dru suggested we take a break for a night and head down the bay I was ready in the amount of time it takes to boil a kettle and pour some tea into a thermos.

and what a breath of fresh air it was.

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why, hello!

this site has been such a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier. new site, new blog… there’s nothing better. and in case you haven’t met me yet or you’ve stumbled here by chance – I’ll give you some background.

I’m based out of Corner Brook, Newfoundland but am willing dying to travel anywhere. and everywhere.

I adore weddings and shoot them with my incredibly talented partner Dru Kennedy, and you can check out more of our work together here. he also just so happens to be my boyfriend – I’m incredibly lucky.

izzy is the third member of our team. she provides distractions, cuddles, and entertainment. (she’s our cat.)

I graduated with my bachelors degree in fine arts last year and this photographic journey is only getting started. I love it.

weddings also aren’t the only thing I shoot. marketing, babies, families, engagements – you name it. I’m also guilty of photographing my food. (who doesn’t? HELLO. also, food + marketing = the best).

here’s to sharing my life, my work, and all the randomly organized chaos that comes with it!

I hope you stick around.

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